Boarding defense mechanic

On the boarding mechanic, it is strange that the troop damage is only bases on the attacking ship faction and tonnage. Obviously it should be easier to kill troops boarding a IN ship than a SM one. Also some factions have hundred of thousands crews on their shops but number of troops is the same for each faction for same tonnage
As an improvement troops number should be adapted depending of thé faction and some faction should have innate resistance or upgrades to reduce crew loses against assaults actions

Yeah, i think Factions like Orkz and Tyranids could get some extra troops because of their "masses".

And some of the more tough Factions should be more resistant to Boarding, Like SM and Necron(maybe give them a chance to reduce troop damage by 1-2 PER assault action, but not below 1 per assault action).

If that's to unbalanced at least give some of the Factions a chooseable upgrade.

@heavy let moral play a factor as well

@imptastic Yes of course, there are many different cogs that can be tuned to give some factions even more flavor. I know that its really hard to balance if some systems are not equal on all factions but i think its worth the effort.

I do have a Post with some feedback/specific Ideas for Necrons (since that's the factions i played the most)

More importantly, why isn’t there a stance that affects this? Or why isn’t it part of a stance?

We can brace for impact, but I can’t have my troops secure critical ship locations.

Adding it to a stance would be great honestly. Brace for Impact can just give a 25% reduced crew damage or something on top of what it does already. I don't think it would break the game and people would actually get to use their ships for more than 10 seconds against a full boarding ship list.

@dreadspectre Yep, losing ships in like 10-20 seconds on first contact with the enemy is way to fast.

What also could help is reducing troop damage of boarding OVERALL and maybe increase the available charges from assault actions (more assault boat, lighting strike and boarding charges).

Then you could at least react to an enemy starting to board you.

I lost some of my ships in such a small time frame, i felt like i couldn't even react properly.

I have some ideas for Necrons, not sure what you could do for other factions in regard of Troop replenishment.

I play main Necrons and due to their lack of shields for example SM just destroy me very often with lighting strikes. Necron could also get some sort of better troop replenishment (huge buff to resurrection orb , it just gives 1 troop for all ships on a 180 sec cooldown) or give Necrons multiple charges with lower cooldown ob Enrammic Regeneration (Counter Part to Call to Arms).
Or let Necrons get X troops every Y seconds while Hull Cauterization Stance is active.
Or let Necron replenish 2-3 Troops after the 60 sec repair delay(they repair light critical damage after 60 seconds.

@heavy necrons should especially have some resistance, as not only is the crew IMMORTAL, but more can teleport in from tombworlds and even finding your way around in a ship is a nightmare of dead ends that require phasing, rad filled areas, convoluted shifting passageways, and places where back is up and up is left. Chaos space marines who live in the warp get lost in there, and it can cost entire companies of terminators to just find the bridge in some cases, yet they get dropped pretty quickly at match start. Just another weakness on the why necrons are a bad fleet pile I guess.

Something definitely needs to be done to fix boarding/troop mechanics in game currently.
Without any ability to respond to the boarding troops, it turns into a one sided battle that really destroys the game can offer.

The buffs for defending could be interesting without rendering Nid/Astartes boarding actions useless, perhaps a buff combined with a critical damage progression system could fix the base problem of this system.

@Dreadspectre : Brace for Impact is already a damn fucking good stance 25% damage reduction on top of armor makes some factions nearly immune to macros/lances (Compare the life time of a SM cruiser under brace to a Necron cruiser without and both have 83 base armor).
Lock On is better only because crits are nearly OP
Adding a boarding defence on top of that just make it too powerful

Boarding is a touchy subject, implementing a super hard counter will break it to the point where it is pointless to use. This is sort of thinking outside the box and im not sure if the Devs would take it seriously, but instead of making a derlict when boarding is accomplish, let that faction have the option to scuttle the ship instead of the faction owner. Hear me out, sounds like a buff to boarding and it is, but then include a mechanic where you can "buff" your crew count with boarding actions. So if you see 15 boarding torps going for one of your ships, you can use a boarding action to buff the unit count of that ship to counter it. If the enemy takes over the ship in the middle of your fleet you will have some problems, but at the sametime, you can counter board and pay attention to stop them. It would be a cool dynamic. Never understood why scuttling was an option for your opponent when the ship was cleared of troops lol.

Introduce a "lock down the ship" action maybe that decrease our reload speed and manœvrability but increase the resistance of our troops for an short amount of time ?