"Game Security Violation Error" freeze & Crash

I get this constantly, on random events. Clicking menus, clicking fleet building, during loading, in battle.

Not sure what else I can report as there's no "crash" folder in C:\Users"me"\AppData\Local\BattlefleetGothic2\Saved

Hey @Pocktio

Sorry to hear this is happening to you. We're aware of this issue and are investigating a solution.

I'm in the same boat. I have a high end system and I can't launch anything without having the game crash. This is the worst first experience I've had in a whole...

Same issue... really annoying since I bought the game for single player and now due to anti cheat I can't play the game.

Happens constantly and random same as Pocktio.

same problem why havit they not fix this yet.

Hey @Mojo50002
Could you please provide a crash log and DxDiag to help us identify the issue? A screenshot of the error message would also be very helpful. Thanks!

@mojo50002 Thank you for these. Could you please also tell us when exactly it crashes?

thank you Jellyfoosh for your help, after about 4 min in the set up screen it will freeze and I have to ctrl alt del to get out of it I then see the popup screen that saids security violation easy anti cheat 00000001, some time it happens during game play too. will try to screen shot it for you.

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