Gravitic hook on ships not worth it

the total cost of ships with gravitic hooks seems to be not worth it as of the current meta
right now having mostly line ships with a few escorts are favored
Emissary sacea + 2x warden = 186 points + 2 extra ion cannons
Emissary borkan = 192
the only real advantage of the latter is bringing extra escorts without increasing the cap, but it does that job cost inefficiently so its usefulness as of today`s meta isnt really that high.

proposal, price reductions for the regular custodian to 460-470 points and the emissary borkan to 160-170 points

also if possible a cheaper non gravitic hook version of the custodian possibly with more ion cannons would be nice... (400-420 point range)

also note that the custodian itself is not as powerful as 2x protectors despite its cost and despite being a battleship, which ingame bring more armor HP and firepower than cruisers per point.

custodian = 500
protector 2x + 3 wardens = 506 + 400 more hp + 200 more shields + + 2 torpedoes - 2 hangar bays + high energy turn... firepower is equivalent
price of 2 protectors = 392

gravitic hook custodian should prolly be priced in the 400-420 range with the non gravitic hook version. non gravitic hook version at 320-340

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Gravitic hooks are kinda awkward. I don't really understand the point of them existing in their current state. If they gave discounted escorts it would make some sense.

Custodian isn't that bad since it lets you have a strong flagship, otherwise Tau is very vulnerable to getting their moral stomped.

the deimurg stronghold is a better option than the super expensive custodian as both a tank and a defensive weapon to be honest... the only real advantage of the custodian is its 6x hangar bays