Computer Overheating

So frequently when I play BFG2 my gaming laptop overheat and shuts down. The weird thing is when I monitor cpu and gpu usage and temps in task manager they both stay at around 50% usage. This is the only game my laptop even goes over 90c. I am not sure if something is wrong with the game or my laptop. As far as my understanding goes, at 50% load a cpu shouldn't overheat. Any help would be appreciated.

I am sure that isn't a problem with the game but with your laptop. Yes gaming laptops can get quite hot, but if they start to overheat they first throttle the performance while a shutdown is a last resort emergency mesure. So have you checked that all vents/openings are free and that the fans are spinning (under load)?

Yes the fans are spin fine. I think it is the game because what I play Ark Survival and cpu/gpu usage are both at about 100% but my laptop doesnt go over 91c. Is it possible the specific architecture of the i7-7700hq make is prone to overheat in BFGA2?