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Im new to insurgancy and pc for that matter, i have never seen more toxic behavior in a game before. people are making fun of the way people play the way they sound and just being horrible people this is just PvE and casual modes, i havent even tried competetive mode yet but i dont get why this community is like this beware to all new comers. this game is great and i like it just dont know if i could recomend this for anyone who doesnt like being harassed.

Hey @mastershredder11
We're very sorry to hear you've been having a tough time finding friendlier teammates. We're aware that this is an issue and are including improved anti-harassment measures and ways to avoid toxic players in our February update.

If you'd like to read more about what will be included in the next big update, please check this thread:

While I never personally got or felt harassed in the game, it also feels like there are a lot of people who seem to be the cliché of the edgy gamer kid. Constantly trying to trash talk and insult people over voip and making stereotypical unfunny jokes and remarks. The guys who constantly yell Allahu Akbar etc. Right now it feels more effective to just mute every player because chances are high that people don't use the voip anyway for in-game related communication.

While I don’t condone bullying I do find it just seems in today’s day and age people are just way to sensitive. I get some people take it to an extreme and it’s unnecessary but this is nothing new welcome to the world of the web it’s an ugly scary place. I think the votekick feature can definitely help with this if someone is being harassed you will have me on your side to help try and vote this person out but other than that I personally don’t have the same experience as the people claiming to get nothing but harassed when they play. But I feel for you and wish you could play in a bully free environment. I can’t say it never happens to me but it is quite easy for me to either laugh it off or ignore it. Take it from me just look at my name lol I get it a lot from Americans as I play with a lot of Americans but I also plain just don’t care nor let it bother me. And a side note I just have to say I find the “Allah Akbar” pretty funny but that’s me..

I don't think people are as "more sensitive" as some people claim.

It is just way more likely to experience what is generally called toxic behavior these days. Gaming is way more popular than it was for let's say 10 years ago. So you naturally get more people playing games. That means it you also get more "toxic" people. Communication also has developed. Ten years ago it was not that common to have a headset/microphone and a lot of games did not have inbuilt VOIP. So if you talked to people, you talked to people on Teamspeak etc.

Agreed. Sandstorm is starting to feel a lot more like CS:GO or MW2 thanks to the constantly worsening community.


Most players are not toxic in this game. Stop exaggerating. It's usually just one guy causing the problems. If they would fix the block Mic function you could block him. Clearly, they don't think Its much of a problem or they would fix that simple function to solve the problem.

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Mute function seems to work perfectly fine for me. Are you sure you are looking in the right place?
Click the icons selected in yellow

With a functioning mute option I don't see "hurtful comments" being an issue. Just mute what you don't and play the game, or don't and free up the slot for someone else.

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We are aware of an issue causing the mute to time out after a while. This is not intended, and will be fixed for the February update.

@mlb7 said in toxic behavior:

Most players are not toxic in this game. Stop exaggerating. It's usually just one guy causing the problems. If they would fix the block Mic function you could block him. Clearly, they don't think Its much of a problem or they would fix that simple function to solve the problem.

I agree that most players are not toxic, but it only takes one guy to make everyone feel annoyed, uncomfortable and giving them 110% cringe. Somebody says or does something stupid and then you will have 30% of the team react to it and it escalated pretty quickly in a matter of seconds.

Also have you reat the latest developer blog? They are very aware of the issue but it is obviously also a question of ressources. NWI is a small team and it is not realistic for them to have a lot of people handling reports of toxic players. Thats why they are seeking more automated options like turn on/off chat filters and other unspecified things.

Muting in itself works, but people get unmuted after the end of each round. That is the bug described. Personally I would also like the option to permanently mute players. That is especially helpful against people who simply micspam music etc.

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Internet is designed to erupt aggression in the virtual world and not transfer it to the real one.
i find toxic players funny, at the very least i can mute them.

@jellyfoosh Why would you wait for a large patch for something that should have been a hotfix? It would have solved most of the toxic player complaints, and stopped a lot of players from spreading the rumor that your game is a toxic dump.

@shangster949 Words don't bother me either and I used to tell people to use the block function. Had someone tell me it doesn't work and when I tried for myself it didn't work. If you try it I bet it will disable itself after a few seconds.

I haven't tried the mute all function but I don't see that as an option. Communication is important to the play.

There is one guy I play with almost everytime I play that spews nothing but racist trash trying to get people to "react". He just says the N word repeatedly and to be honest it's annoying and stops any reasonable communication from occurring. After so many games and this guy never having new material I would like to block him. Sadly, I Cannot.

@mefirst I don’t know what your talking about man counter strike was way way worse back in the day and I pretty much always had a mic. You could change your name on the fly so there were always extremely racist names and all sorts of stupid stuff. CS was sooo much worse for all of this and I never had or used teamspeak or what ever you called it.. I don’t play CS:GO so I don’t know about that but I played a shit ton of vanilla CS right from 1.5 or 1.6 what ever it was and thousands of hours in source and the toxicity in those you can’t even compare Sandstorm to!

@mefirst They removed Apu from the Simpsons bro.. “That shit cra Jay” “She’s a very sensitive turkey”!!

How old are you? just asking to make sure we are talking about the same bigger picture here. The pciture I mean is around 1999 until now. I played the original Counterstrike and from what I can remember it was less toxic then today. That said Counterstrike is a perfect example of one factor I mentioned. Counterstrike became one of the most popular games over the course of years and that meant more players and a higher chance to "experience" toxic players. I think that it also helped a lot that the game was usually played on community servers. If you keep playing with/against the same people the boundary to behave like an asshat is much higher. With that said, there were obviously also servers you avoided like the plague, because there were pretty much a cesspool. But for that to happen you also needed admins of those server being fine with that behavior in the first place.

I also don't accept reasoning like: it could be worse, or its worse in other places. It's basically just a cheap excuse to ignore what is going on and also often avoiding your own personal responsibilities.