Corsair Torps bugged?

I've been trying Corsairs to see how awful they truly are and since my only options in 2v2 are go big or go home with the Voidstalker or do something smaller I tried a fleet of 3 Shadows with the intent of trying to flank/get behind the enemy and do diving torp runs and jet out(something Craftworld do even better but hey, what can I do?).

Every game with them so far I have only been able to fire them one time and then the button is forever greyed out. I show 2/3 charges left, no damaged systems and no CD countdown running. They are just unusable.

I've been taking the Vibro torps perk to try it out and I've also started in reload stance(not sure if that effects the torpedo CD but my assumption would be that it would). These may be factors?

Anyone else experiencing this?

Played corsaire yesterday with Vauls and hellebore with vibro : no problems. Perhaps it is linked to Shadow