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For me, the way games survive is solely down to the community built through via Multiplayer experience, Gothic 2 seems very bland when it comes to giving this. I really think the developers should take a page from the Dawn of War series, they had:

  • Lobby Chat
  • Player Made Rooms (with options on points/gamemode)
  • Battle Replay Saves
  • Spectator Mode

I've found if you want the game to attract the more competitive player, the least you need is a battle replay save, so people can show off their wins. If failing that, just give us a player made room so all online players can see games and join which ones they want. If the MP side of things is left the way it is, I see this going the way of BFGA1 really fast.

Come on Developers, get it done!

Agree totally and have been pushing this for a while now. However the devs have said that the physics based nature of the gameplay makes a replay system hard to implement.

I am absolutely no multiplayer gamer, but I still agree to all your 4 points, most important player made rooms and replays. The rooms are also important for skirmish, and replays could attract casters. I know the Generals Gentlemen are interested in casting this game since they heard about the capture point system (from me :P).

@brohanbroski t looks like excuses, I don’t know what they were thinking, DOW and Total War and COH have a lot more physics-based gameplay and there are repetitions.

These are all fine suggestions but considering that the devs are still finishing coop campaign and balancing multiplayer neither of which will be finished by release any of this features wont happen until 1 or 2 months after the game is out and by then most players would have moved on.

@hallbregg true but really replays come after as a priority.

Bugs, crashes and extreme imbalance are all much bigger issues for the game.

With that said yes if course replays would be cool and I would like the function too.

A better lobby however is both more urgent and easier to put together than replays imo.

Totally agree on all points. These can really increase the longevity of the game, perhaps more than any future additional content or update.

I support this entirely, the more expansive the multiplayer experience can be. Even if it's just in a non-ranked capacity, the more longevity you add to the game.

And mod support, good lord, mod support would be fantastic.

I specially came here to post about some of these missing features, especially a replay system.

I think every RTS player will agree that a replay system is fundamental to getting good at the game. Even if you can't watch other peoples replays (which does diminish the community) being able to view your own replays and judge where you went wrong or how you were out maneuvered is paramount to learning how to play and improving.

Every developer desires for a game to keep its community long term and having external replays goes a long way for people staying engaged in the game. I still watch DoW2 game casts and that drives me to stay active in the community and still play games.

For a person who has zero interested in campaign play, my interest will only last as long as the MP community exists and a proper replay system keep that community alive.

Agreed, replays are a must for any MP competitive RTS. I'm willing to wait but I hope they can make it a top priority.

@valrak YES YES. I feel holy nostalgia overtaking me! OH wait! I play Dawn of War 2 Retribution to this day. And it has dedicated player base still, even tournaments are taking place on regular basis.

@valrak for a worshiper of a rotten corpse you do make some valid points. πŸ™‚

@endor Indrid's "Elite League Show" was my favorite show on TV 2018. I can't wait for season 2. If my personal schedule wasn't more hectic I would love to be playing in it.

Here is the link if you missed season 1

@acasualdream I know right. He's my favourite youtuber and this is like more then 10 years old game now and I'm still playing it, had honour to be in 2 or 3 casts too.

Whether or not these things will come in future updates is depending on how many players are actually using multiplayers....even total war warhammer, as a AAA title, has a tiny multiplayer base compared to the total players. I don't expect BFG2 to have a similar playerbase in the long run. Don't expect too much for a small pricetag, BFG2 already has plenty of quality content for it's price. Even Total War titles for 100€ (DLCs incl.) won't offer decent multiplayer capabilities. And you can't sell "multiplayer dlc" on the market.

And the game director (?) also said that this isn't planned because it's f*cking hard to code and takes lots of time. So don't expect this to happen...but I certainly want my favorite youtubers to do some tournaments and replays on this mainly singleplayer focussed game.

I agree with this:

Lobby Chat
Player Made Rooms (with options on points/gamemode)
Battle Replay Saves
Spectator Mode

Those things shourld really be there. But you know what the Daw of War series also had?

Capture points! πŸ™‚ You kinda forget that, dont you? πŸ˜‰

@hjalfnar_hgv said in Multiplayer Community:

@exard3k THAT Exard3k? πŸ˜‰

There can only be one! πŸ™‚ Hi Bengt! I've noticed you a couple of days ago...that signature avatar picture looked quite familiar. Sorry to hear you still favor some superstitious mutants over the sons of Dorn, but nobody is perfect, right? πŸ™‚

I'm rather hyped about the game, already have more hours played than the first title....can't wait for thursday to save Admiral Catallia with the remnants of the Silver Dawn group.

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HA! I knew it. xD Someone with this name and playing the Fisters of Dorn could only be you. 😘 The 40k-Fanworld got a Discord channel recently (mine, actually), so if you want to play skirmish a bit just drop by. nick here is my nick on steam.

And least we are still both loyal, that's something, isn't it?^^

@aikki big difference... the dawn of war series wasnt static forces were as this is.