How to address boarding issues

Right now boarding simply nukes the troop pool of ships for a certain amount. What ideas do we have for how to balance this. I think boarding absolutly should be a way to build a fleet but it shouldn't be overpowered.

One comment I saw was having re-crewing be based on the size of the boarding crew. So fewer troops for smaller ships more troops for larger ships.

Also, in the previous game boarding could fail. This would maintain the strength of Space Marines, Orks, and Tyranids but provide at least some chance for a ship to resist a boarding action.

Any other ideas that don't redesign the bones of the system? That's too much to ask for at this stage.

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winrate stats indicate rush and board seems to be the meta with orks space marines and tyrannids having the highest winrate. Carrier and long range factions like mechanicus Chaos Tau Merchant and Tau protector are in fact in need of very slight buffs due to their awful winrate (44 42 45 and 45) with respect to boarding rush factions tyrannids orks and space marines (71 56 and 48 respectively).

nids prolly deserve boarding nerfs especially due to that tentacle while orks and space marines should get price nerfs

it would be good to have boarding actions also cause hull damage, if im not mistaken, the last game had it, and make it so that ships wont be easily hulked by boosting the amount of troops it has.
hulking should only happen after the ships have been boarded a lot of times.

I think group dynamics might help out with this. Say, you encounter a lone cruiser and you're giving it some serious boarding action, that'll lower it down really quickly.

But say you've got three cruisers in a group, then the other two cruisers will automatically send troops over to counter the boarding. And because the game already has systems and weapons in play where being in a group can be tricky or dangerous. This means a player really has to take the risks into account but can then also counter boarding more effectively.

I would say that this only happens when the strike happens, say a ship got heavily boarded, lost a lot of troops, there's a 2 - 3 second window at which other ships in close range will send over troops. Beyond that, it can't be helped.

This also means that troop use won't have less impact, it'll just spread out the damage. I would say ships will also only send troops over when they aren't down to the second or third stage of troop loss. Or something like that.

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Boarding should and will be addressed for sure.

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Allow us to counterboard BEFORE hulking out. Or make boarding purely crit effects like disabling gen/ engines etc. You know, anything but instant hulkin for little to no investment.