Competitive is not a working experience

Competitive in this game is very fun but it is also lacking in major features:

  • No way to understand how ranking works in-game

  • No feedback on what causes the rank to rise or fall after matches

  • When in a party and queing for a match, the party leader is the only one given a yes or no option to ready. This means no feedback for the other members to know they are entering a match.

  • No voice chat for parties in menus

  • Very little XP is given for playing a competitive match. I believe this should be much higher.

  • No special customization items for playing competitive. Something should be here to show a player's progression through ranks.

  • Players guns or models may not load untill after the first round has started, meaning they cannot be effective.

These are just the things I can think of off the top of my head. I hope that there is something coming to add more content to the competitive as I feel it can be an amazing experience given some polish.

I can't think of many games I've played that give a lot of info regarding the first two points tbf so I'm not sure they are major features. More feedback would be nice though.

Making everyone in the party have to 'ready up' themselves would be great though. There are some competitive improvements coming in the Feb update so hopefully that's one of them.

I stopped caring about XP once I'd got my complete tracksuit and sunglasses outfit for insurgents lol.