Competitive Feedback


I'd like to start of by saying wow, you've an amazing game going here, and the competitive 5v5 element actually works really well in Insurgency. Quite a clever mode to retain the importance of one life yet offer tactical respawns when an effort is made, which can totally swing the game. This is kind of an untapped area of potential competitive and e-sport that you could expand upon greatly. Most other games traverse the way more casual ground, and I think that the addition of a lot of features could make this a very attractive mode. You also nailed having a reconnect for competitive in case something happens, thats brilliant and a must that many games lack for some weird reason.

So from playing mostly competitive there are a few issues and suggestions I'd like to bring up;

More time to change loadout, don't spend so much time watching mvp stats in competitive
While stuck in the End-screen waiting for the next round you can't even access the loadouts, and I think you're given a total of 8 seconds to do changes when it finally switches. I'm arguing spend less time on constantly showing mvp-stats and give the ability to access the loadouts during that time instead, maybe the total time could even be shortend.

Pre-game loadouts
The ability to set a few loadouts before entering a game is something I hear people wanting all the time.
Why not ? At least for competitive it makes sense to have a few different tactical setups.

How the competitive mode works tutorial
I think a smart tutorial or introduction to the mode could make a difference for newcomers. You see a lot of people not realizing how the dynamic between the points work

Competitive features such as team ranks, ladders etc
The core is there, this mode really has potential if you support it with features and tweaks. How about actually allowing team ranking as I even think it says in the description of the mode. I personally rarely meet someone who seem to care about the individual placement which is so popular these days.., instead allow for ladder-ranked teams that can compete against each other for real. Many ways to do it, Starcraft 2 simply creates a team of every player-combination, in that way you can still have people enjoying it individually and you can have full man teams coming back and competing together if they want. You could have limited leagues/ladders so it's not about who can grind the game out the most but rather 2-3 day runs / events etc.

I'm sure this is always ongoing and while the game has somewhat realistic gunplay, it's weird seeing a super accurate silent shotgun being one of the most effective at long range in competitive.

Points for kills in competitive
If I'm not mistaken you're give a total of 10 points for killing someone, doesn't matter if its an amazing assault at a point or a lone-wolf comeback, yet sitting on one random spot and capturing gives 150. It's all about the team effort and I can see were this makes more sense in the bigger modes, but especially in the competitive you could reward kills in a better way which actually matters a ton. Maybe give more for kills in capzones etc because that Endgame stats just ends up not really reflecting the real MVP or anything 🙂

All in all as a Insurgency-source player i really enjoy playing Sandstorm and we almost only play 5v5 competitive, something i didn't see coming for this type of game, keep up the good work!


Hello @heady1989,

Thanks for your feedback! I've passed this on to the team!