Chinese Weapon Suggestion Instead of QBZ03

So it has been confirmed that the QBZ03 Is coming out to the Security Side or Insurgency Side

though id rather have a modern chinese weapon such as the new CS/LR17 Series made by Norinco a weapon Inspired combined with their QBZ 03, CS/LR 14 model along with some of the part the Type 81 and the older prototype of NAZ .762 as it would be really sweet to see this weapon in Action though I have no idea why QBZ03 is coming to Insurgency Sandstorm It would make sense if the Chinese Military was going to Join the game

here's few screenshots of their new Rifle Series




Model Name:




Technical Specification:


It Would be interesting, Anyway of course Optimization needs to be fixed with a few improved features before they think about adding any new weapons

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I would like to see the QBZ-97 as that's something you actually see in the hands of some security forces. The QBZ-03 is an odd choice because that's not even really in use with the PLA.

The CS/LR17 Using 5.8x Is about to be unveiled as The PLA Moves on to the next generation rifle it would be better to add this new weapon that haven't been implemented in any other games making it stand out more for creative choices

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