Why do I have to delete all saved content in order to play American Wilds? (on PS4)

I bought my husband the first game MudRunner then just recently his brother bought him MudRunner American Wilds. ( Mind you all this is for the ps4 ) He has been playing the first one for about 3 to 4 months and LOVES this game. But when he went to put in the American Wilds disk nothing came up saying American Wilds, it went straight to MudRunners the first one. No new maps no new vehicles. Basically wants us to delete all saved game content to Mudrunners in order to play MudRunners American Wilds full content. Why do we have to do that. It should be two different contents because it is on two different Hard Disks. Can anyone help us out with this issue? He really doesn't want to lose what saved content he does already have done with the first one. He has it all completely expect for the hardcore mode, cause we need to get a steering wheel and pedals in order to complete the hard core mode.

Thank you all very much for everyone's time and patience

If you had jyst downloaded the expansion instead of buying a new game you'd be fine. But since you're installing two different applications now, one you'll start from scratch...

He put in the game and it didnt download anything. what it did was called it self american wilds, but still had everything from the first mudrunner.. no new trucks no new maps. nothing new

and no when i started to download ust the expansion before buying trhe actuall game it told me to delete my firsts mudrunner files and everything before i can have american wilds on there.. i dont see the point on deleting everything from the frist game just to play the first game. basically means i cant save anything when i want to play the other one... to me it just dont make sense and seems like a waste of money if i have to delete everything i have worked for to play the next one. lol

That's pretty weird I guess, I was a mudrunner owner before the expansion or either dlc came out and never had to delete anything. Downloaded all content from the ps store.

Yep have all the DLC from play station store I could get and bough the game that way but wanted me to delete everything. but weird thing is all the DLC for both games work. So went and got the hard disk and kept all DLC and still nothing even with the new hard disk lol.. pops up with the name American Wilds, but has everything from MUdrunner the first and nothing from the first. lol

I also started with the first retail disk on ps4, then bought the american wilds retail disk, and it works as expected. My ps4 is not typically connected to the internet, but i regularly connect to download updates. I'd assume all the american wilds content is on the disk.

If your having trouble, maybe you can see about returning American Wilds to the store for a refund, and then invest that money into a PSN or XBL (whatever you are playing on) card. Then you can buy American Wilds as a dlc instead of a stand along game.

Also you don't need a wheel to play Mudrunner on hardcore. The game is virtually the same as on normal. Biggest differences is you need to disable diff-lock on hard ground and I think you burn though fuel a little faster. That's about it. I have the game 100% complete and did everything on a controller.

Edit: Oh yea and no log stations on hardcore, manual loading only.

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we think there is something up with the disk and data on it or something. We are thinking about calling the game company directly or something lol.