Fleet Management: Campaign

Maybe i'm missing something in which case I'd love to be enlightened. If not then my wishlist for campaign fleet management is as follows.

  • Transfer ships between fleets
  • Transfer flagship status between ships prior to finalizing fleet (as it stands I can't remove my flagship and add a better one) Let me add a ship over the limit of my command and then transfer flagship status prior to finalizing the fleet. Stuck with a cartouche as a flagship until I suppose my command gets high enough.
  • Let me determine the fleet composition when adding a new fleet. (If this is by design then I accept it but see above request).
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On the second point: you can change the flagship in the fleet, choose the fleet (where you can view the ships in 3D) and you got a 'promote to flagship' option on the left.

Seconding ship transfer between fleets. It sucks to have to disband a perfectly good escort ship to get enough points for a new line ship when when there's a perfectly good same-type fleet with spare capacity sitting around.

those all strike me as important things, especially as the campaign progresses, not being able to move from the old battered Luna cruiser to say... an emperor class could be a bit of a problem. this is doubly so in missions that require you to keep so and so alive.

If the campaign "wasn't an afterthought" I can't really believe that nobody thought of this.

Every Grand Strategy or 4X game allows you to swap your armies around.

Fully agree with Grax, fleet management needs improvement badly.

I know you can change flagship but it doesn't seem possible early when your command points are too low to fit both a light cruiser and whatever cruiser you want.