Tau Multi-Spectrum Sensors not applying to Light Cruisers


The tooltip for the Multi-Spectrum Sensors, an upgrade for both Tau fleets, is either adding extra information or the effect of the upgrade isn't being properly applied.

The tooltip says that both Escorts and Light Cruisers are affected:

The Emissary and the Merchant are both Light Cruisers and also have 9,000 units of sensor range:

However, in game... the Emissary isn't applying the upgrade, while the Warden Escort is:
1_1547987457354_20190120115134_1.jpg 0_1547987457353_20190120115132_1.jpg

Similarly, the Merchant isn't applying the upgrade, while the Orca Escort is:
1_1547987521247_20190120121905_1.jpg 0_1547987521247_20190120121902_1.jpg

After all - should Light Cruisers get or not get the extra sensor range?

Came the official launch and this is still unadressed. Not only for Tau, but for all factions.

1_1548357165376_20190124185243_1.jpg 0_1548357165375_20190124185241_1.jpg