Crash when hitting Create Custom Fleet

The game freeze when hitting the Create Custom Fleet button. It gets stuck on the Fleet Selection screen and after a few minutes the music stop playing. All I can do is to manually reboot my computer. The task manager does not appear by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Sup and Alt+Tab in borderless window mode does not work either.

This crash occurred twice in two days.

My config :
GTX 960
i7 6700
8 Go RAM

Exactly the same here.

Similar config

Same problem here (I can ctrl+alt+del to close it though, make sure you set task manager to "always on top"). Also can happen once I'm in the editor and just clicking on a ship

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Another crash but in the Ship Viewer this time...

Similar computer build. I've been having the same issue when creating a new fleet. Only time the game has crashed on me so far.

Even on a laptop: same problem