Spent a couple of hours making this concept art for custom voice wheels.

Imgur link

With this feature, we'd be able to choose from all the voice sound effects in the game. This would be a great way to give players the customizability of the voice wheels which will be very nice for all the people who don't have a mic but would still like to play and plan tactics.

This would be nice👍

Custom voice wheels??? Holy crap! That's actually a pretty good idea. You have my seal of approval.

The devs could add some more lines that could be useful to certain types of players. The possibilities are endless.
"I'm going for the cache!", "I'm gonna throw c4!", "Clear backblast!", "Get back, I'm going to throw a grenade!", "I'm about to flash, look away!", "Throw some thermite!".

Eh.. sometimes I wonder if the game is too fast paced for many of these commands...

Can't we just bind individual voice commands to buttons? I have six buttons I don't use on my mouse...

Very cool idea OP. I like the custom wheels and the binding idea. Custom wheels for extensive call outs, but binding for the 12 call outs you use most frequently (use the F keys).

Hey @ptinosq
This looks very cool, thanks for sharing! The idea has been passed on to the team. 🙂