How do you re-orient ships during a teleport?

Hi again thanks in advance.. how do you re-orient your ships during a teleport?

is there a place i might find all these answers? besides here?

@funness the necrons tool tip says that you can but you actually cant atm we dont know if its a misnomer or if its a bug atm. As far as any other form of jumps when you initially click where they are teleporting hold and drag the mouse around to change its orientation just like when you are deploying. my advice would be to mess around with the ships in the deployment phase till you get the gist of it then your not waiting for cds to try to figure it out.

Thank you, good to know!

Actually you can! Reorient a ship which teleports. Its just really clunky. Right click where you want your ship to go before teleport, teleport while it Starts turning: ship faces the new Direction after teleport.

Or: click teleport (inertialess drive in this case) click Destination, right klick the ships new movement order before! The teleport Animation is done, NRW ship facing.

cool thanks ill try both!