Notepad ++ Plugins are not working on new pc

What the title says.

I do the usual path thing and nothing happens in notepad ++.

I have my spintires editor installed also on my D drive.

alright so i got my spintires plugin to show up in notepad ++, but everytime i hit pos when i have a mesh open, nothing happens. usually there is a grey spikey ball in the edior that shows up.

also is there a way to find cordinates in 3ds max?

@riskywisky yeah, Just create a small box, drag it to the correct position and read the x, y and z when in move mode.

@wrangmog tried that, and the position goes somewhere way off. I think i need to set my 3ds max to meters tho.

@riskywisky yeah, sorry forgot to mention that part, my 3ds max is set to meters since I got it, so its a standard for me.


got the driveshafts working. thank you @wrangmog and henriquetironi (on steam) for all of the help. I suggest to go check out their mods