Tau Gravitic Hook display bug

I hope noone posted this before but I could not find a post.

The gravitic hook icon both in battle and in the pre battle screen is bugged. As seen in the first three screenshots below it only shows one gravitic hook for each ship. Yet as seen in the fourth screenshot this is obviously not the case in battle as is probably intended.





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In the TT version of BFG, that is exactly the number of Wardens those ships can bring (instead of always bringing them, as it happens here). Explorers can bring 3 and Merchants, 2 in TT as well.

I guess the game is doing just like the TT does, regarding this rule. Perhaps the tooltip should be updated.

@VectorStrike Well the tooltip says you get one per hook but this is not true (also how it was in the first game if I remember correctly). It is obviously a bug. I am pretty sure the Custodian is supposed to have 3 hooks then spawn 3 escorts for instance.