Spintires mod with the editor. [PSA]

I'm here to highly discourage you from trying out the features that the Spintiremod tool offers in the editor. There is a high chance, that you will screw up any existing map-- especially the lighting.

I decided to try out all of the height features, as well as the extended map stuff.

Afterword on all of my normally created maps it had streched them to the extended size, and the extended heightmap. Making the map useless. It will also change the way the tools work as well.

The options sound great, but if you have much work on anything map wise , I hope you don't decide to screw up your editor.

It was a challenge to get eveything back working normally again.

@roughrider i have wondered about this. the original STMod had similar issues a couple times did it not? i seem to remember a time or two when the game updated and as usual mods broke, only maps got seriously broken and took some effort to get working again because of map making being tied in with the mod. so when the game updated the mod broke which in turn broke those maps since they were built using the mod. i could be mistaken though, would have been a few years ago. 🤔

@8up-local yeah. I remember the glitchy lines drawn through the terrain because of ST+

chards of terrain... like broken glass lol

@RoughRider i thought that was due to just not having the editor compaditble with windows 95....