Space Marines is toooooooo WAAAAAAY OOOOOPPPPPP

All their assault skills/ability (lightning strike/boarding action, honour the chapter) have too fast CD

In match against space marines u cant keep him on the distances.
And when u see how 8(or even more) ships coming board r ass to the very death by 3 buttons...

This abilities need to be worked on.

Have not really found that. Lightning strike and boarding is the same as everyone else I believe. Honour the chapter does very little troop damage. Considering the winrates for space marines and how few I have seen in the higher ranks (epic and legendary) I doubt this is really an issue.

I have found it being an issue myself as well, higher ranked players can set it up that boarding actions have 10% less cooldown and are more effective. Especially in 2 vs 2 games it's been very troublesome when dealing with 2 enemy players who are both Space Marines and both have 3 ships for boarding actions, they can take down your fleet really really fast and are still pretty sturdy themselves.

To be honest the whole Boarding Mechanic needs some work, Boarding is something that should act like a 'DoT' damage over time effect, perhaps even with its own minigame, shooting boarders across or lightning striking for immediate effect is the biggest problem with the Mechanic at the moment. If you notice everyone is stating that Tyranids and Space Marines are OP, both of them because of boarding. I feel this is an indicator that Boarding itself should be looked at and amended.

The process should be slower the damage take more time to kill off troops and do critical component damage, allow some form of counter like counter boarding from your own ships to outfight the boarders or something to make it more enjoyable to counter.

Right now from Tyranids and Space Marines its

Board, Hulk GG.

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I agree from the perspective that of all the potential cheese combos in the beta, 6 Strike cruiser Mk2s can deal a truly biblical amount of crew damage in almost no time at all.

If you're a Necron or Tyranid fleet: sorry, you're going to lose your flagship immediately. It's not fun to play against.

And it's not like you can outrun them either when they're burning combustion.

I'd be surprised and disappointed if they don't increase the cost of it in the final retail release.

Decided to try it for myself, and did an AI battle against Orks, gave them 30% more fleet points than normal, and yeah Strike cruiser Mk2 boarding spam cleaned them up with cruisers to spare.