Critical hits are exceedingly common

Critical hits in general occur way, way too often. They can instantly win fights, and they are just not fun to fight against.

Some fun screenshots from a ladder game versus Tau Ordnance, not even a full crit build:

It took 2 enemy Custodians roughly 2 minutes to destroy every single weapon and subsystem on those ships. Do crits need to be this prolific?

Side note: I won this game 🙂

crit chanse really needs to be affected by armor
crits currently are ridiculously common

Well as a IN/SM player, against tyranids or orks,
I basically consider 2 of my ships a for-kamikaze-usage because I know they are going to lose all the crews by extremely powerful boardings + critical hits just as you mentioned.
I believe many people already posted about this and not sure if game devs responded it

I feel the same, either reduce occurrence of crits a little bit, reduce the impairment they cause, or buff the repair function a bit.

At the moment they seem a little too plentiful and their effects a bit too crippling. Not a huge issue since everyone is affected equally but surely worth mentioning for that fine tuning effort 😛