Traditionally, NWI released Linux versions of their games, so there are quite a few Insurgency and Day of Infamy players with a Linux background. However, instead of getting closer to a Linux release the announcements sound more like it is getting further away. At first, it sounded like the Linux release would be about 3 months after the official release ('post-release'), now it sounds more like it will be more than a year after the original release, if ever ('explore additional platforms in the future').

For those of us who gave our money to NWI already, because we trusted them to deliver a Linux version soon after the original release, this is a disappointment. And it feels even worse if you know that the game works with Steam Play (Proton) and the biggest problem is just the EasyAntiCheat software kicking you from the servers (risking to get banned).

So yes, it would be great to get a native Linux version at release date, but if that is not possible, maybe adding the wine-compatible version of EasyAntiCheat would be a quick-fix option? If even that isn't possible it would be great to get at least a less squishy statement regarding a release date.

Recent History of Cross-Platform Release Statements:

3rd January 2018:

As far as platforms go, we’ve decided to delay Mac and Linux support for post-release. We’re finding our time will be best spent on developing for Windows, Xbox One, and PS4. Our priority is to make those three platforms fully functional first, then expand after release.

31st May 2018:

Our original goal was to release both console and Windows PC versions side by side in 2018, but we feel we need more time to polish the console experience.

10th August 2018:

Insurgency: Sandstorm is due out on consoles in 2019, please look forward to more information about it closer to release.

Insurgency: Sandstorm launches on PC on September 18th.

17th January 2019:

We have a huge amount of post-release content planned for Insurgency: Sandstorm, and are excited to bring the game to consoles this year and to explore additional platforms in the future.