Loved your game so far, all aspects of it. But something about the local play that always makes me want to turn off the game right away. First, your death + depletion of reinforcement = defeated? I know this is to prevent enduring through AI walking away from the objective or stupid actions like that, but when they aren't, and your death = defeated is just unsatisfying. Second, AI only respawns on your death. Look, I understands that you built the Local Play based on the Coop to reduce the resources needed to pour into Local Play during development. But the thing is that, friendly AI aren't that smart, and actually I think it is even dumber than enemy AI, an example being missing and dying at point blank range. So, what I am trying to say is that I wouldn't be able to depend on the friendly AI when I died defending the objective, they would either just sit around hiding or even leave the defending zone just to get killed. Lastly, and this is the consequence of the previous point. Which is being defeated during a defend. Since AI can't their job right, the only thing there is to stop the enemy from capturing the zone is you and you only, rarely do I see AI actually killed and defend the objective during my gameplay, and dying usually means defeated. My proposal to this problem specifically is to give us 1-2 minute just to recapture the objective.

Note: I know local play is for practice only and not meant to be part of the core experiences, but every single time I died, which results in the game being defeated and I have to do everything over and over again, is just mind numbingly boring and unsatisfying.

That's all.
Signing off...