Campaign Feedback

So i have played all the campaign content that is available, and the only thing that really annoys me is that you can share ships between fleets. OR at lest i havent found the button to do it with.

Its nonsensical that i have to go and scrap Light Cruisers that my new fleet might need just because i want to build a new cruiser.

Agree whole heartily with this, once you purchase a ship it should stay available with fleet composition being altered mission to mission depending on need.

I would also like to know where all the mission types went? There will need to be a lot of scripted missions to break the monotony of playing the same mission over and over. The fun in the first campaign was building a fleet to win the various scenarios.

Would like to be able to scroll back from the campaign map as well, so more than one system can be seen. This would allow you to look at your strategic options easier.

A suggestion. Loyalty of your fleet admirals could wax and wane depending on victory or loss, inactivity and so on. The end result they leave your service ( taking their ships with them ) or unlock a bonus at the high end either in battle or on the campaign map. Not sure if enemy Admirals will keep popping up to become notorious or fodder? But could be an interesting mechanic as well.

Looking forward to playing this game in its full, As ever the story is looking like a fun journey and this time there are three! I'm also hoping for a lot of replay ability with all three imperial factions available in campaign, not to mention CO-OP!

All things considered the campaign beta has added to my excitement for BFA2 with only a few concerns, mission variety being the main.

yes i was wondering how you can merg fleets. found myself looking for the button to do this but could not find it. Hopefully they might add one.