Several Maneuver skills have incorrect tooltips

Tyranids Rush ability moves the ship a total of 5k units instead of the 4k indicated in the tooltip.

Eldar Wraithbone Shift moves the ship 6k units instead of the 4.5k indicated in the tooltip.

All Ahead Full skill states it increases movement speed BY 300%, however, it increases it TO 300%

High Energy Turn states it increases rotation speed BY 300%, however, it increases it TO 300%

Burn Retros states it increases the combustion meter by an additional 2 points per second when it does not.

Hello @CowGoMoo,

Thank you for your report, we will correct tooltips for All Ahead Full, High Energy Turn and Burn Retros.
However for Eldar Wrathbone Shift and Tyranid Rush, information provided in descriptions are correct even if not exhaustive, as the space inertia is not indicated nor calculated in the tooltip 🙂


Sounds good, although I would argue that its much more intuitive to update the Tyranid and Eldar tooltips to include the extra distance and time covered by inertia after boost.

As a player, I want to know the total distance the ship will travel, not the technical boost distance and then have to guess how far inertia will take the ship. It is far more useful to know that Rush takes a Tyranid ship 5k, or just past the inner detection ring, than it is to know that Rush takes a Tyranid ship 4k, and then the ship continues to float some unknown distance beyond that.