Abilities can become bugged and unusable for no clear reason

Maneuver skills, Torpedoes, Boarding actions, Starpulses and more will sometimes become unusable even in circumstances when the ship has either never received damage or a critical strike.

I have not been able to reproduce this in skirmish mode, but its extremely easy to stumble upon while playing Eldar in multiplayer.

Here is a clip of this happening:


In the clip the ship has never taken any damage and is still at 100% HP, but can't use its maneuver skill despite it being off-cooldown.

This is not a display issue. When this occurs, it remains bugged for the remainder of the match, even through things such as Pyramidal Reconstruction.

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Can confirm Eldar often has actions stop working mid match for no clear reason. Sometimes the pulsars stop working without the Craftworld Eldar ship having taken weapon damage and there is no clear indication to give an idea as to why.

I have also seen vau'ls maneuver non functional in this way.

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same for chaos and imperial boost

Had some very frustrating games where pulsars would not fire, then I noticed in another game and this was confirmed by teammate that I could not see them fire but I heard them impact and make damage on my target.

Often this occurs when the target line is dotted. What does this red DOTTED line actually mean?


@orkan you set your engagement range to 0k
the dotted line is the distance they will move in the attack order, the full red line is where they stop
if you are set to broadside they will continue forward along the dotted line and once they reach the full line they will start to circle
full line is the set engagement range, shouldnt influence attacking tho, but im no eldar expert


Thank you for explaining the dotted red line

What is strange is that I always set my engagement range to 0 when playing Craftworld or corsairs as it avoids them abruptly stopping and losing holofield damage negation. I also need to be close to get those nice torps in, I make sure I avoid crashing with engine management.

Sometimes however I get a solid redline even when very close to the target even at 0 engagement range as that is my standard default for this faction.

I have no idea why my all my ships were unable to fire pulsars sometimes for a whole match but often I saw those dotted lines when it happened.

weird, I shall try to pay more attention in my next games to observe the difference between solid and dotted red line.