Chances of Alternative gangs/groups? I hope so!

While looking at the various available gangs for Necromunda.
I spotted some very unique and interesting looking varieties such as......
I was afraid they were fan-made, but it turns out they are official!
Cults- which were genestealer cults, and chaos cults!!!!
Ork warbands!!!!
Pit Slaves!

While I realize the main game hasn't even released yet, and the 6 houses are what will more than likely be in release.
I really hope some of these alternatives (if not all) are able to make it in the game through dlc at least, eventually.
Will we have a chance of seeing any of these or will the game most likely stick to only the main 6 houses of hive primus?

I think it's relatively safe to assume that the content in the game will follow the releases made by Games Workshop themselves.

All the main houses have been released, with new gangs being released in 2019 that haven't been released before (Guilders is the leading rumour I think...). Outlanders (Scavvies, Ratskins, Spyre Hunters) will come after that, or so I hope anyway.

Each gang could easily be a DLC pack for the game, which I wouldn't really have any objection to if they're reasonably priced. I am waiting for Spyrers to make an appearance in the TT version, so I had best not hold my breath.
The Ambot will keep me happy for a while at least.

Genestealers have a substantial array of models available now, which are also getting their own standalone Codex for 40K soon. It'll be likely they will make some form of an appearance in Necro 17 as well. I dread to think what the statline for a purestrain will be...

Oh wow! I didn't know they were still making necromunda gang content.
Is there a way for me to find the lore behind Genestealers in necromunda? I have been looking with no luck so far 😢

I'm extremely new to necromunda as a setting and am trying to learn more about it and how it works.
However I've played mordheim even since it was early access, so I am kinda wondering if the gameplay will be similar.
The 4x campaign kind of reminds me of Xcom-like gameplay and I'm super excited for that too.

Which gang would be your favorite? At the moment mine is the chaos cult. 2nd and 3rd would be Scavvies and Ratskins.
I'm gonna have to find some info on the Spyre Hunters. Even their name sounds neat.

You can get the rules for the tabletop Genestealer Cults from ForgeWorld, or conveniently through this link:

Spyrers hold a special place in my heart because they are one of the hardest gangs to start with, but once they get a bit of XP, they turn into death-dealing machines to the point where people would often refuse to play against them (Orrus with 2+ invulnerable save against shooting, while armed with twin rapid fire (3) bolt launchers and power fists).

Games Workshop have done a great job with the re-release of the tabletop game and it certainly looks like the PC game is following the overhaul quite closely.

Maybe that's one reason why we haven't heard anything in the last 6 months from the developers; GW not permitting new information to be released until they are happy with the content?

There are also Venator gangs, which are mish-mash gangs of random bounty hunters and hanger-ons which give people a lot more variety in what they field in the TT.

I would imagine though that the PC game will focus on the house gangs and anything beyond that will be DLC.

Tbh, i'm truly rooting for Cawdor, Scavvies and Van Saar. I also hope we go all the way adding outlander gangs to the game like in expanded necromunda in the past. We could have some Genestealer cults getting assaulted by feral Ork raiders in the underhive, or maybe even Dark Eldar raiders looking for fresh slaves.

All is possible within the lore, but what will we get? Only time will tell so far, but for now i want some sweet base game, and build up from there.

@glarghface said in Chances of Alternative gangs/groups? I hope so!:

for now i want some sweet base game, and build up from there.


A solid base game, where the mechanics are nailed down and we have all the core gangs/houses. Everything else can be added as DLC, which is pretty inevitable.
I've got no problem with DLC or expansions, once the core of the game is solid and captures the essence of Necromunda. 6 starting houses should give plenty of variety at the start. From there we can start to hope for additional gangs and factions, especially since GW is going to be releasing new factions this year that haven't been seen before (guilds and so on).

Depending on what GW release this year, I have no idea what to expect from that side, but I certainly do hope that we will see Spyrers included in the game 😃 I think I've mentioned that enough times on these forums!

I think we will definetly have spyrers. What's the point of not having them? They were extremely unique compared to all the other gangs, and the same could be applied to the Enforcers.

Still, seeing the new characters added and the new mechanics implemented (such as the rat bombs, sanctioned/unsanctioned psykers, impressives...) it's truly amazing how much work they are putting into bringing back necromunda.

But like you said, let's have first the game as a solid base and start working from there. New gangs as DLC wouldn't be all that bad as long as they bring new stuff into the table.