League ranking bug?

I'm going back to bronze leage after filling the adamantium league "meter", instead of moving on to epic or legendary league (not sure how the next one is called). Did anybody else notice this?

Seems like a bug, unless the devs made it so for testing purposes.

Edit: actually got to epic league after going from bronze to adamantium like 4 times.

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Well the display of rank is very often bugged after the battle but for me it was always shown correctly in the pre battle screen (though there is also a bug that shows you as unranked in the pre battle screen sometimes). But from what I can tell the rank is tracked correctly.

This sounds like you were actually in adamantium the whole time it just showed you as bronze a couple of times. it has done that for more constantly.


Thanks for pointing this out. I've passed this along to the team!

I've had the same issue, but restarting the game has put me back in the correct league!