Dark matter cannon op

anyone else finding the dark matter cannon ability for the dark Eldar absurdly powerful especially against other eldar it's like a stasis bomb with no windup time so you can't dodge it and get stuck getting shot to pieces of and nearly forgot it does a ton of damage (5 per second for 45 seconds= 225).

First thing make a wind-up time so it can actually be dodged second either nerf the damage or the slow.

Yup, it's probably one of the most powerful abilities in the entire game. No wind-up, huge AOE, slows 50%, eats through shields, pretty insane.

Counter-play option: Don't bunch up.

@lkhero dont bunch up does not work when playing craft world as 1 ship being taken out takes most of ur points

@sn1percat said in Dark matter cannon op:

@lkhero dont bunch up does not work when playing craft world as 1 ship being taken out takes most of ur points

I disagree. In this case, I think you're being stubborn because you're saying you would rather not split up and just eat Dark Matter. When I say split up, I'm saying to be out of the Dark Matter bubble so only 1 ship gets caught. I'm not saying go to opposite ends of the map or something.

@lkhero I am not saying that I don't split my force what I am saying is that races like craft Eldar don't typically field many ships and they are fragile so getting even 1 trapped and killed due to insta cast generally takes at least 1/4 of your strength if not more!

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@Sn1percat the AOE is 5k, slowed to 50% you can boost with every eldar ship out of it in a bit more than 5 seconds while suffering 25 hull damage (a bit more because you may want to change your facing first before boosting). I am not saying it is bad, but I find your descriptions of it a bit misleading.

It is pretty ruthless though. Even non-bunched up, I've had it bugger up my best ship more than once. Having your best ship essentially blocked from hunting the enemy can completely undo a strategy.

My worst luck was having it cause my Ork Dednot mutiny - which was also my admiral - in the middle of a close fight. Once that happened, I was pretty much screwed. 😛

@fosil UMM no you generally cannot boost out of it unless you are on the edge and in the description, it says "50% of the initial ships current speed" so boost does not even help and from experience, it does not seem to so yea " just boosting out" is not an option XD

yes this ability over performs especially as it's on DE. We will get a lot more complains about this when reload is fixed and DE dps goes through the roof.

@sn1percat you have to move 2500 distance to get out of it. boosting eldar move 1000 speed for 4 seconds. half of that is 500 + minimum 100 base speed. 5 seconds and you are out if you start in the dead centre of the AOE effect.

@romeo if you have to get close to the DE, it is very effective. but most fleets should be able to shoot enough stuff from further than 9.000 at them. it does half the damage as the AM radiation AOE if you compare hull damage vs time to leave the AOE effect.

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@fosil you don't seem to get the point A its a insta cast and B its 50% of you're INITIAL movement speed which means unless you were already boosting it does not matter what you do unless you were on the edge!

@sn1percat I don't think it works that way. I just tested it with dropping it on my own ships before writing my first post and it just halfed my normal speed, boost included. I am terribly sorry for the misinformation, if I am mistaken.

@fosil As I have not played dark eldar much I don't have access to the ability to test I am going off what I have seen from content creators (watching it used and reading the ability stats) and my own experience having it on me but from my experience, a bost does not get me out of it even with craft eldar (does not seem it increase my speed when in the dark storm either but could be a bug who knows). I could stand this if it was not a instant cast, give me a chance not to get caught in it rather than a point and click win device that it seems to be. I find most eldars are balanced compared with each other but this one ability is such a hard counter its unreal XD.

I assumed my game was bugged out and the red circle was invisible. I'm honestly surprised they'd put in an AOE ability with no windup or indicator which is impossible to avoid.