New ship lore

Hello everyone. I forgot about this a while back, but on the livestream for beta 1 they mentioned that it might be possible to get a book of art/lore for the new ships made, is this still the case? Also, since I am asking minor questions anyways, would it be possible to add ship naming into the game again. It’s nothing major, but a fun minor detail to make it feel more involved.

@Nemesor-Xanxas Could you elaborate on what you mean by "new ships"? As far as I can tell, all the ships in the game are from the tabletop, with the exception of the Drukhari ships which are just larger versions of the smaller ships.

It's perhaps better to email the Focus Home Interactive people, but you should consider emailing Games Worshop. I doubt GW would allow publication of any lore/art book without their knowledge, so I would say just contact GW.

@squirem said in New ship lore:

@Nemesor-Xanxas Could you elaborate on what you mean by "new ships"?

I think it was in a trailer. Where they declared that, to increase the variety, had to ask GW if they could redesign some models

@squirem some ships they added were new (they actually invented some SM ships as I understand it last time), and some didn’t have any lore (scythe reaper).

they did not invent any new space marine ships. the Vanguard strike cruisers are actually something forge world statted in the Badb war book.

@briandavion I forgot what it was but I distinctly remember being told there were new ships. I think it was the CL unless that is what you speak of.

yeah the space Marine CL is what I speak of. they did potentially create some unique varients, but no unique hulls for space marines