Annoying fire bug

A friend of mine keeps running into a bug when he uses the molotovs, if he moves after lighting it up but before he throws it he will get this everlasting small flame in the middle of the screen in front of his gun (I've seen it off to the left as well). this flame will stay there blocking his aim even after respawning and only a fresh game will solve the issue.


I also found this reddit post referencing the issue


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Damn, what's your AA settings and color settings?
I see the colors are blooming in ur screenshots.

is it screenshot even?

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@chraso I think he took a pic of the screen with his phone so the colors and everything else might not look very good.

Hello @snakelegionnaire,

Thanks for pointing this out! I've passed it along to the team.

these are his graphical settings. the issue appears regardless of driver version.

0_1548101657150_PHOTO-2019-01-18-21-03-45 (1).jpg 0_1548101663643_PHOTO-2019-01-18-21-03-45.jpg

Thanks for the further information!