Corsairs are completely useless

So I tested Corsairs like 11 games with different fleet compositions and just cant win:

  1. your dmg is too low
  2. you have to come way too close before your ships even start firing.
  3. Your engines are instantly destroyed.

Iam the only one with this problem? No!

the highest players in leaderboard are 6 players on silver rank...

Lets not forget that if your engines or generator get sniped, you are dead.

@sakuraheinz I do like playing them, but they are better in 2 vs 2 when you've got a meatier player taking hits and you can snipe from far away.

The problem I find with em, is that your strongest weapons are front facing, so you need to be aiming at an enemy, meaning you aim, shoot once and then turn to fly away.

I get that they are supposed to be for hit and run attacks, but the point based gameplay just doesn't lend itself very well to that kinda play, because it takes a lot of micromanagement to thus play them effectively, and when you do it succesfully, you end up losing on points.

So it's hard, definitely, but I do feel they have a lot of promise if they can be tweaked a little, gain a larger arc for their front facing weapons for instance.

yeah, they were only playable in the last game cuz you had limitless fighters and bombers and said fighters and bombers were nearly indestructible. they had fragile and still do as a trait to offset that advantage. fragile being a trait that makes you take way more crits. which is why you never have your engines. or much health. then their weapons are supposed to be high burst damage but so has every other faction. and that trade in blows is not one you'll come away from on top off when you have to get that close. kiting was their big strength but yaknow. kiting is not terrific as far as strats go when your enemy knows how to deal with the 3 bomber squads you do have.