Torn out of dialogue
In fact, the problem of the first game in terms of balance was in abilities, not in ship upgrades, improvements did not give as much as hell 5 Stasis bombs or Eldar storms. Bleeding the crew did not give a big win and in general, we always chose the same pumping, no one pumped Navigator. Only abilities not to improve were multiplayer cancer, but developed they decided to cut them both. And this is the wrong decision, this is what many now whine about. Everyone wanted to have more options than a couple of improvements that do not work on all ships, and some are useless, they are still almost all the same.Also in the last beta, the graphics were spoiled and now the first part looks better. Perfectly

I will say how I see the balance, the balance in RTT and this is exactly RTT not RTS because we do not build anything on the battlefield. So, balance is when I can defeat any race, all other things being equal, the balance is when there is more than one meta download on race, as now the tyranids can only eat, but there is no sort of a ram they also improved. Balance is when there are no unnecessary ships? Does anyone take for the Empire Cruiser Gothic? And just a little bit of the weaknesses of the race could have been achieved with different subfractions and their improvements. For example, the Gothic Battle Fleet, let it have improvements on torpedoes, Armageddon Battle Fleet, what do we know about it? Right Orcs and a bunch of Lens in the fleet to fight with their armor, add them improved lance boats The Solar Fleet is right, they are the best of the best, so they can have morals buffs, they will never run, because the last line of defense
And such examples are possible for each subfraction in the game. And so that all this is balanced, it is not necessary that the buffs were super strong, such as macro guns firing Roboute Guilliman is not, just to improve aspects that are weak for the race and slightly improve the strong, it's easy to adjust with patches, I feel that they gave too much we weaken the sensitive buff. And to follow this you need a good community. And the replay, see DOW 2, COH 2 Warhammer Total War 2, everyone has a replay and all these games are still popular, I’m talking about DOW 2 and COH 2 and mods, but the developers haven’t added the official mods and this is bad but in this case do not interfere with the people of their own yes I look at you Anti-cheat After the first part and how it was abandoned, I was very skeptical of the new game and then the videos were beautiful and they sold me the game again, but now the game has become an increasingly degraded version of the first part, in the gameplay, in improvements, in game modes, even in graphics. I will not cancel the order because I damnly love giant cathedral gothic cathedrals in space and because I believe that developers can fix and supplement everything, but the release seems to be very raw, believe me, I really want the game to turn out and your works are not in vain, so worried DOW 3 and Relik repeat and we will no longer see the game about space battles 40k again as if not add a large portion of the love game

And the developers you have a good devotional community, I was there when Horus Luperk ... Oh, sorry brought me, I was on the first forum when there were heaps of players who sat for months waiting for some information about the first game patches, and it was a long time. but we were faithful and when you announced a new part, all these people are here on the forum I see familiar faces, those who did replays on YouTube, those who did mod for it, and they really want you to succeed

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