(XBox One) Game constantly crashes

I recently got The Surge - Augmented Edition for my XBox One X. Love the basegame and wanted to return for the DLCs.

I knew the basegame from my PS4. Finished it two times in 2017 and Never encountered any gamebreaking bugs.

The first 40 hours I did not experience any bugs except the Davey questline. He would not talk/interact with me anymore even with the requested implant/medicine in my inventory.

First 6 Episodes of Augmented DLCs ran smooth from every area I visited the Testchamber.

Then began gamecrashes. Every time the picture freezes. A few seconds later the whole XBox turns off and restarts.

It began for me in the storyline when you finish research after conversation with Barrett.

First crash occured in lobby when I aquired Codename: Carmina. After checking weapon details game starten micro stuttering. In the following fight vs the Cerberus Security-Guy the game crashed.

After restart I went to Testchamber. I wanted to upgrade my gear. In gear assembly my game crashed the same way. And once again.

Accessing gear assembly at any other medbay outside augmented dlc does not lead to a crash.

Meanwhile went to Creo World and finished part 2 of Walk in the park dlc. Here ran the game stable and I could finish it without a Single lag or crash occured.

Returning to main game questline and entering Nucleus. OMG!

Now the game performance get horrible. Game is constantly crashing but never at the same Place twice. But mostly when changing levels inside the area. Mostly when using elevators. Last crash occured yesterday when I dropped in a room from above. Same as elevator crash. I hope I can finish my playthrough. But the time between crashes get shorter.

I give all these details as Devs seem to have problems to reproduce these issues.

What I did so far. I scrapped all needless armor pieces in my inventory as I thought the crashes could be item related. And it seemed to improve performance in testingchamber but did not prevent crashes at all. As long as I not access gear assembly, dlc runs smooth. It gets laggy and sometimes crashes as soon as I access it from there.

But it seems not to help in Nucleus.

The Game is installed on my external ssd, digital copy.

Running quality mode. Did not test performance mode so far. Will do it this weekend.

Cache is always cleared as my XBox runs never in standby mode.

My One X stands alone with more than enough air circulation around. (Only The Surge let my box crash this way with turn off)

Please fix it as soon as possible. I doubt I can finish this game in the current state.

I love The Surge and looking forward to The Surge 2. But if you don’t get these issues fixed on XBox I will not buy the sequel. I think it is a Engine compatibility problem. And Surge 2 uses same improved engine. I will not buy then.

Hope my long text will help fixing the issues.

Changed the graphics from Quality to Performance yesterday. (XBox OneX )

I experienced far less game crashes in this mode in Nucleus (two crashes in 90 minutes). I was able to finish my playthrough and advanced to ng+. So my conclusion is the crashes have graphical issues. But I am not a programmer, just my suggestion.

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