Spirit Stone Targeting Node not working


I just played the first battles with the craftworlds and I noticed that the "Spirit Stone Targeting Node Upgrade" does not increase the range of lascannons in combination with the "Runic Targeting Node Stance" as it is statet in the text. (Range stays at 9k but should increase to 13,5k)

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"Spirit Stone Targeting Node Upgrade" trait does not work for every single weapon. This is why eldars are garbage now.

This bug also seems to be affecting the Apocalypse Class Battleship for the IN. It has a special attribute that increases the range of it's lances by 9000 instad of 4500 in lock on stance see here

This is supposed to take it's lances base range of 9000 up to 18000 range of base lances

But when in lock on it only increases it to 13500, it seems that anything that effects orders isn't going through, for some reason.