Game keeps starting on the wrong monitor.

I have a dual monitor setup. The game splash screen starts on the correct monitor. The resolution is set to what my main monitor is. But, the game opens on the second monitor. There is no way in the settings to change what monitor it is displayed on. The config file is set to monitor 0 which I would assume is correct for the main display.

I can make the game in windowed mode and drag it over, but I have to do that each time the game is opened. It does not remember the last position.

Same problem
Each time I start the game it starts on my secondary (much worse) monitor.

  • Both monitors are connected to the same graphics card
  • The game starts on a monitor with much lower resolution
  • Each time a game starts I need to switch from fullscreen to borderless, use shift+win+arrow to change monitor, and switch back to fullscreen.