How to stop people running around silly?

Just tried the game out a few times and it seems like people like to run around capping the points and making you chase them:

  1. Slowly drive forward (like real slowly)
  2. Skirmish near a point - if i lose here they win
  3. If I win most people today just seem to run off capping all the point and I have to spread out all over and slowly take them back
  4. I win or lose I dont care cos its super sloooowwww to hunt down there remaining ships.

My first day so what am I doing wrong?

Or is this game not for me?

Wow this forum is already dead! Anywho I played a couple more games and itsall the same - whoever is losing just runs off and tries to play the cap game - boring !!!

Try imperial navy ships with the Nova cannon, big long range ability that can discourage blind flight. Adeptus Mechanicus gets them on all their cruisers.

Yall realise that points is a victory condition right? Doesnt matter if you aquire them via points or ship destruction. You know what will really piss you off if you hate hunting ships is fighting someone like me who abuses running silent to harass and cap. The total destruction of the enemy is not required to win. Keep that in mind and maybe roll with a few lighter ships to catch things / spot instead of just bulking up your fleet with the biggest ships you can fit in it that roll around like slugs.

That all being said, maybe it would be good to introduce a "Deathmatch" mode where Victory points and Objective points dont exsist for the the people who would rather just an honest fleet vs fleet fight.

I'm not looking to remove the points feature, but it needs more thorough fleshing out.
I really enjoy the Orks thematically, but they are just too slow to do anything about faster factions. If you stay clumped to fight off an enemy fleet concentrated they have the initiative and can capture points.
If you spread to contest points they have the initiative to concentrate their fleet and pick you off.

Even with a Zzap build reaching 22500 units I can only contest so much. I've pretty much stopped trying as Orks because I need something with speed and Initiative.
(Zzaps are literally the only long range option orks have. They are slow and don't have accuracy beyond 4500 units in most of cases)
To summarize, there should be multiple victory options, but with the current system it feels like you only pick slow factions to have a laugh

if take and hold drives away potential player for MP then when you go to play against someone you get these fun hours of waiting for matches just like the last game lol. i made a bet with some rando on here just after the last beta that this MP wouldnt last more than 3 months after launch and given what ive seen my bet is looking safer and safer every day.