Campaign Gameplay

I have been playing the campaign for most of the day now and want to give some of my feedback.

The good: The campaign map, characters and overall story arc are more involved than BFA: Armada 1, which is nice to see. There's more than just buying ships, and I like that you can play multiple factions instead of just the imperial navy. I also like that there is more to spend your currency on than just ships.

Needs improvement: The missions I find quickly become too repetitive, and to be honest the 'arathi basin' style hold the strategic points mission type isn't particularly interesting. The AI is poor enough that the missions never feel difficult, and you can make the computer player essentially sit their ships on an objective while you drop plasma bombs repeatedly on their stationary ships. On top of this I find that once I have destroyed all enemy ships I end up sitting and waiting for the game to end as orbital defences must also be destroyed to trigger the destroy all forces win condition, and it ends up just being faster/easier to wait to have enough points accumulated and complete the missiont that way even though it is basically over.

I find that the combat is also lacking...I'm finding that there is almost nothing to micro manage compared to armada 1. I set whatever orders I want to my ships, right-click them on the enemy fleet and then watch them shoot, occasionally dropping a special ability on them. Even against AI in Armada 1 I had to micro to some degree to dodge abilities/ramming ships/etc, with Armada 2 I feel like a spectator far to often instead of a player.

TLDR: More variety of missions needed, AI is poor, missions should end if I wipe the enemy fleet and the combat needs to give me more to do.

I second all these points!