One of the things that I loved most about Day of Infamy was the slight loadout options between the Officer, Radio, Rifleman, and Engineer classes. It made each class play differently and it added a lot of depth to the gameplay.

I particularly liked that SMGs could be used by multiple classes. I know the MP5 is on the way but still it will only be available for the Breacher class. I'd love to be able to use an SMG as my primary for Commander or Demolitions. Instead, right now the same weapon pool is shared amongst the Commander, Observer, Riflemen, and Demolitions classes. These four classes all play too similarly in my opinion, and I feel like it's a big missed opportunity.

My question is: What possibility is there that these four classes will get different weapon choices as the game develops?

Will SMG always be a just a Breacher thing? I really hope not!