1 Favorite Feature/thing and 1 Least Favorite.

So, I'm a new forum person and this is my first thread/post.
Please feel free to comment your own 🙂
I'm asking to keep it to just 1 of each because of how long some comments may be.
Sorry if it is an aggravation.

My least favorite that I hope does not come to necromunda would have to be the mirror warbands you faced in mordheim.
It made me feel as if I never got any stronger since every warband was matched to mine in terms of efficiency/rating.
I've always wanted a form of "dynamic" difficulty where the warbands were truly random or possibly "persistent".
That way I or my enemy truly feels the horror of an injured comrade or their top marksmen having lost an eye instead of knowing that it really doesn't matter since the next warband/enemies I face will have a similar injury or be matched to my new rating.

My favorite feature that seems to be coming into necromunda (which may actually correct my problem 🙂 ) is the 4x campaign that was talked about.
I am extremely excited for news about this as I am hoping this will make the enemy groups we face persistent.
Instead of randomly generated and give me a long term objective while making me feel like a true gang taking, defending, and controlling territory.

Welcome to the forum. It’s good to see a bit of movement on here recently.

I assume you mean best and worst features from Mordheim that you hope doesn’t get taken across to Necromunda.

In the case I will say the following:
Worst “feature” for me was the use of hit points instead of a straight wound number. I get that computers are able to calculate in a more granular level than a d6 and that table top mechanics don’t really translate into good video games, but one of the things that makes Necromunda and Mordheim good on the table top is that an improbable shot from a Juve with a stub gun can kill a leader or heavy in one shot. When you start to rake away the ability for everyone to effectively kill in one shot the game becomes too much like maths problem.

There are a lot of other “features” that I didn’t like (bad 3D map, confusing and unseen skills descriptions, and confused scenarios goals among them) but the above is the biggest deviation from tabletop that stops me from enjoying the heck out of Mordheim.

The best “feature” is the difficulty of the game. I love that Mordheim doesn’t pretend to be nice and just guts you for making mistakes. It’s very reminiscent of tabletop where your gang/warband is constantly getting injured or dying and is scrabbling to survive.

i realy like mution/skill thing hope that in the game again

i realy hate the spot system whas so tired of one guy ben spot the AI know wher all my char are could have peep swing coming from behind and stuff