Lances nerfed?

Hey all,

I dident read about this in the patch notes but were lances nerfed across the board? I could have sworn they counted armour as 25 but they all count them as 50 now 😕

Yes, light armour is now 50 whereas it was 25 before.


That is LITERALLY a 25% damage nerf to lances. What the heck? Its not like lances were the big balancing problem at the moment......

Im not really following the trail of thought here?

@demoulius it was to raise up SM and Necrons

I mean long range lances were strong in earlier betas. Issue was that only chaos really got them in any useful numbers.

Lances are a hard counter to SM and Crons for a reason. Not that you NEED those but dumping such a huge nerf (and IMHO a 25% nerf is a VERY big nerf) on 1 weapon system that was already struggling to be usefull in the game is not a good idea in my opinion.

Each faction and weapon system needs a use. Otherwise we will just see the same cooky cutter ships and configs in a week time and that will be the end of it...

@demoulius it was less about nerfing lances and more about making them survivable enough to fight other races. i agree there were probably better ways to go about it but i just giving you the reasoning they used.

I get that @imptastic. Thanks for pointing it out as I dident see them pointing it out myself.

But im not sure why they thought that marines and crons needed to be buffed by lowering lance damage though?

The issues those fleets had were less tied to their armour and more to their pricing and firepower (or lack thereof) so even if you nerf lances into the ground their issues still stand 😔

@demoulius crons dont have shields and SMs dont have high health pools. Necrons took a nerf to starpulse and their mechanics are horrible to start with so they are still the bottom but SM is doing remarkably better then the last beta though they are not top tier contenders.

At least starpulse and inertialess drive works against the allmighty boarding cheese. Well until the other fleet closes in and wins by boarding anyway.

Crons dont have the resiliance that they should, nor the firepower that they should while their ships are horribly overpriced. Seems they got the pricing down correctly (they were horribly pricey in the tabletop as well...) without getting the strengths of the ships down themselves.

Marines are imho still to pricey, but their boarding is top notch and their bombardment cannons pack a scary punch. The balance for them isent to far off from what it should be. They were very tricky to play on the tabletop as well. You had to use everything in your arsenal to win (or get really lucky with a good bombardment cannon crit or two, but that rarely happend...) or had to face an incompetent opponent.

Nerfing everyone else to keep 2 fleets viable seems like a very weird to approach things...

ive been keeping up with most of these forum posts and not to many people are complaining about lance nerfs so the only thing i can assume is that either the glaring nid boarding issue or the horrible state of trashcons is over shadowing it or its not effecting the other factions that much.

Well dont know about anyone else but I hardly used lances because they were already pathetic in the previous beta build. Now they are even 25% worse?

Which is hilarious when you consider that in the tabletop and the lore its the exact complete opposite....

@imptastic said in Lances nerfed?:

ive been keeping up with most of these forum posts and not to many people are complaining about lance nerfs so the only thing i can assume is that either the glaring nid boarding issue or the horrible state of trashcons is over shadowing it or its not effecting the other factions that much.

Most people dont play a shooting game? I have yet to play a match that does Not end with one side consisting of drifting hulks when the match ends. Boarding in general is out of Hands, because it kills ships in second, shooting something down takes way longer so its not really usefull, which might be why a lot of people do not care about weapon stats.

I have had my share of success playing mass lances with chaos. But I got nothing to compare it to as it's the first time I'm playing them.

Yes mass acheron is incredibly strong

we don't know how armor works atm, I am not sure that you can say it is a 25% damage nerf (to be more correct: it would be a 33% damage nerf with the old system: 10 lance damage would do 5 hull damage instead of 7,5). we don't know what any armor value does and that the difference between 25% to 50% armor is proportional to the difference between 75% to 50% for example. I am pretty sure that the damage reduction is not linear increasing.

@Fosil I assumed it was a flat % reduction with the armour number being the % but it being non linear does make a lot of sense, especially given how tanky 83 is right now even in comparison to other armour.

i think it would be linier considering lance weaponry has the precise tool tip that says it reduces armor to 50 vs it hitting full armor which would be a varying scale. i.e. a lance will hit an imperial navy line ship for the same damage it would do to a SM battle barge.

A Gothic Cruiser will do 4 dps, which is now 2 dps due to the nerf. A dominator Cruiser will do 12 dps, which is reduced further by armor to probably around 8 dps. The crusier, however, also has a 50% higher crit rate and a massive amount more chances to score a critical.
The Gothic Cruiser is also out-damaged by the Endeavor Light Cruiser, which has 6 dps on its broadsides alone.
I want lances to be good, but lances just have so little power, do nothing for crit scoreing (Which should be their specialty), and just feel pitiful on most all ships that have them. At least make the lances more like the ones on the SM and Navy prows that actually do damage and dont tickle the enemy. The lance ALONE on the Dauntless light cruiser is almost equal to the damage on the Gothics entire broadside. The range doesn't matter if they dont do anything.