Breaking the game. MP unlocks for singpleplayer Skirmish.

Yo. I know its bad, you know its bad. please post here for support in alowing Skirmish to unlock skills.

Also. Fun fact. If you Capitulate you gain 50xp. your Oppenent gains 100xp. In the time it takes an "ordinary" player to win a battle you could have made upwards of 200+ xp via this method. 90 games total (all losses) for level 10.

And No. For myself personally. Going offline is not an option. Steam offline mode crashes the game for me and there is no way in hell im unplugging my rig while the gaming is running. Also, Pray tell. How am i supposed to play 2v2 vs AI with no connection......

If you think this sucks, reply. becuase it Does suck. It will spoil MP for MP players and Push away single players after the campaigns done for them.

If you see me in a MP battle I apologise. im NOT a MP player. I simply dont like pitting my will against another person becuase i get too overwhemled with Information during a battle.

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agreed! forcing MP to play scrim at full capacity is really stretching the all 12 factions are playable line. Most of the community has little to no desire to play multiplayer in any capacity so locking skills in the SP scrim is silly.

just dont do the quitting in 2v2
some people like having a winstreak

@ashardalon Its enough of a curse on the MP players that its like this. And no, Im only doing it in 1v1. 2v2 people who capitulate either are: Losing horribly and its planned between both players, Do not understand that if you leave the game ends. or They dont care.

I am never going to play multiplayer, especially not a ranked system. I know I'm not that good, I would not enjoy it and it would simply be a grind. Locking the skills away behind a multi-player only barrier actually harms the game.

I can understand why they did it; it is to force people to play multi-player. One of the constant complaints of the previous title was the long queues, especially during late hours.

However, trying to force people into playing the game in a way they do not want to, in this case competitive multiplayer, should never be the solution.

I tried to argue this during the previous beta. I am still strongly against no XP for vs AI. This aspect of the game needs to change, there needs to be XP for skirmish vs AI as well.

Whether they chose to separate the XP, or simply give vs AI a smaller XP payout, or an even one, no matter their solution, XP unlocks for vs AI should and must be implemented.

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Agreed. You shouldn't be forced into ranked PvP just to unlock skirmish upgrades. That scene isn't for everyone.

Have to agree. Make MP give more XP to incentivise MP, but let SP players progress. Maybe 50XP for wins and 0 for loss in SP?

For starters, I would like to NOT to have to unlock anything. If there is anything to unlock it would make sense to get XP both from pvp and pve.

Agreed about skills. Please consider gamers feedback on this topic and unlock skills for skirmish. Just have them all available if you have skirmish mode buttons selected. Forcing people to play a specific mode so that they can get the full experience of the mode they want to play is a bad idea. It would be almost like forcing people to complete the campaign before unlocking multiplayer features.

If keeping them locked has any impact at all on multiplayer numbers by forcing people in, it will be short lived. And for the people who play solely for the single player experience like myself and would regularly return for skirmish after playing the campaign, I can tell you its longevity will certainly tank including any interest in whatever future DLC maybe planned.

It is tough enough to keep multiplayer going over a long period of time due to the difficulty in balancing the game. Hurting sales for the single player crowd over something that seems easy enough to change should be reconsidered.

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