Community Guidelines: Cheating, Exploits, and Harassment

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If you encounter a player who you think is using hacks or cheats, grab the replay ID of the match from the History section of the main menu and it include it in your report. Be sure to watch the replay first and include the approximate time that the player can be seen using a cheat in the report as well.

NWI, you guys posted this on January 17. Reporting according to these instructions is still almost always impossible because you haven't fixed the History tool. It only records the first few minutes of a match so, if the incident you want to report happens after that, you're just out of luck.

Moral of the story: If you like to cheat, go ahead. It's generally safe to do so after the first 4-5 minutes of the match.

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Hi guys,

Apart from "mute" is there a way to block an idiot who thinks it's fun to continuously TK?
I'm talking about the "official" server here, not the community servers.
Had a recent run of games where one user thought it amusing to ruin others games by TK'ing at every opportunity.


Currently people are running in groups tking from one server to the next.



These were the only 2 player id's I was able to get of a group of possibly three that were running around tking and sever hopping for a while today. They were having a blast pissing everyone off and living it up on the mics. While we all sat there and had to deal with it.

@Max80 did you vote for them? You can vote with reason "teamkilling" and maybe they will banned then?

@Sulfur cant vote when they outnumber you hence them running in groups to counter the vote

I know its a tough thing to deal with. People who thrive on riuning other peoples day or trying to. People like that are sick. Its something we have to deal with. My previous post with the two player wasnt an accodent. The match had just started and as I was walking away from the spawn point they both shot me. A third person joined in laughing. Then they continued to do this. I wouldnt post about it if it wasnt blantantly obvious. I dont get upset when accidents happen. I expect them to happen. But ppl like this need to be straight up banned.

Good day,

today I stumbled across a player named "player" [STEAM_1:1:105977272, 76561198172220273] who hindered me in playing the game for several matches. Every time him and me got in the same team I got teamkilled and then obstructed by him.

Today I was TK'ed by him 4 times in 3 different matches, one of these teamkills happened AFTER he was already kicked out once but was apparently put back in the match by the matchmaking and able to teamkill me once again. Wherever I went he used the "intimidate"-function from the common-rose to draw the enemies attention, kept shooting with his sidearm to disclose my (and his) position, put himself in front of me so I couldn't fire my weapon without shooting him (and eventually dying due to the friendly fire-prevention) and threw smoke grenades wherever I decided to position myself so I couldn't engage the enemy.

Kinda sucks to not be able to do anything against these kind of players. If I understand this correctly, the report functions are only to be used for players manipulating the game (cheating), glitches and bugs.

Video of one of the incidents:

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