Game modes in BFGA2

First i have to say, devs of the Armada 2 team, you have done a great job! The game looks, sounds and feels great. The cinematics are awesome, the lore is sweet af.
I would go so far and call it on of the best 40k games out there. And I cant wait to cleanse the Eye of Terror of all those traitors and xenos!

But - and this is a huge but- The main game mode of capturing objectives to earn tickets is just not fun to play. Neither in multiplayer, where u get kited by fleets of escorts for days, nor in campaign, where instead of fighting epic battles, you have to chase the same damn escorts all over again.
So dear developers, I would like to suggest a few ideas to change this:

-Instead of placing 5 to 7 of these objective zones all over the map, maybe try 3 in relativ close vasinity to each other, or just one main zone, one player has to defend. This would render large kiting escort fleets allmost useless and give the battles some more focus.

-Instead of earning some random points, which dont have any meaning lore wise or gameplay wise, besides beein the main win condition. How about some meaningfull objectives? Im thinking CA's shogun 2 multiplayer system here. In Shogun 2, you had 2-3 objectives on each map, each one gave the player owning said objectiv real buffs in that very battle. Like a buff to range, melee stats etc. How about repair docks for armada? Or an orbital defence platform? These wouldn't be the win condition, but they would allow for more tactics and a more interesting gameplay in general.

-For as long as these objectives remain what they are, a simple ticket system, please remove them from the campaign entirely, it's not fun to defeat 2 fleets in a heroic battle, just to lose the battle in the end, because you could not catch the last 2 escorts capturing these zones.
As for MP, just give us the option to queue for specific game modes in ranked games. Please.

Don't get me wrong, i love the game so far but this game mode is just not fun to play.
I hope the Devs will adress this issue, as i have seen comments about it all over the internet.

As a final side note: The UI could use some rework too. In the heat of battle, it is kinda hard to indentify all the buttons right away, they all look kinda similiar.

@Admins, I wasn't sure where to post this, as I am new to the forums. Please feel free to move this post to where ever it belongs...

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I agree with this wholeheartedly!!!! Please give us the option to get rid of the capture points. They stink!!!.. Rest of the game is great though...

those capture zones could be turned into some sort of space station or mining colony on an asteroid that you would have to seize control and on capture you would get some fire support instead of buffs, maybe even a little repair.

Same here. I would propose to only have 3 capture points around the middle of the map which give you small upgrades/ a spacestation/ scannerstation/ repairs (as long as you are in the cicle) or somethink like this, but they shouldn't give you victory points.

+1 I would also love to see a greater variety of game modes, be it in the Campaigns or in MP. Capture&Hold is not bad per se, but it gets old pretty quick and too often ends up reducing what should be awesome space battles into chasing smol ships. And when you have a fast faction vs a slow one... well, it feels even unfair.

Also, please enable random space events in Ranked too! They spice up the matches as well.

Completely agree, these capture the flag missions are very boring to play and the AI just drives at whichever one is nearest and completely ignores tactics.

Add more missions if possible, like even an attack or defend style mission, but i feel it needs annihilation as the primary mode followed but other secondary missions.