You messed up

Here's my take on the whole thing so far:

The game was supposed to release in 2018, and was postponed, ''To make it better'' <-- Your words. At that time, we had close to no information whatsoever about the game, all we had were a few wallpapers and background images.

Fast forward to Winter 2018, we find out the game will be published in 2019 THE DAY BEFORE the initial release date (so much for those who had pre-purchased at that time).

Fast forward again to 2019, we finally get more information about the game, mainly from the Open Betas, and what do we find out? That everything you promised was a lie.

Big Battles on a much larger scale than the previous installment of the serie
Where? If anything, the battles are much smaller than the original game. Oh yeah, we can have 1-2 more ships on the map... if we go full escort, forget the big ships, you'll get 1 of those per map and you'll half filled 90% of your fleet cap.

Multiple maps
Again, where? So far there are 2 types of maps,
1: Open warfare with 4 ships (WOOOO Big battle)
2: Capture the point....... REALLY? Of all the things you could've done, you choose ''Capture the point'' as your MAIN type of map? Which is literally 98% of your maps?

Huge campaign
We haven't seen much, ok yeah, there are 3 factions to play, which is great. However from what I can see on the Beta, those are a literaly copy paste with different dialogues and ships, however, you're still stuck playing ''Capture the Point'' on every SINGLE map. Thanks god for the damn Auto-Battle option.

Capture the Point mode
The idea was fine, if it hadn't been implemented on such a huge scale. A game that is supposed to be about gigantic space battles between factions, is now a ''Who has the fastest ship'', if I wanted to play a racing game, I wouldn't be here. You advertised your game, saying it would be an open warfare type of game, instead we're stuck playing cat and mouse while ignoring the big bulky ships sitting in our hangar because they have no way in hell to either reach an objectif fast enough to be relevant, or to catch a smaller ship.

You messed up big time Focus-Home & Tindalos. Big time. I think this goes without saying, like many other people, I have refunded my pre-purchase and will be waiting to see if you deliver the game THAT YOU promised, and not this garbage.

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Hey @Bublito

Sorry to hear you are unhappy with the game at this time. We appreciate the feedback you are giving, but must ask you to refrain from using the title you used before my edit for any future posts, since it's not constructive to a positive environment on the forums.

Although we're very glad a lot of people are enjoying the game, we want to improve it further with the help of your feedback. So we're happy to say that tomorrow we will be having a community update where we answer many of the concerns you point out in your post.

Have a good evening!

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I wont apologize for the title, just like you wont apologize for lying to your players. On another topic:

@bublito said in Capture Points need to go, or at least give us an Annihilation alternative.:

@jellyfoosh said in Capture Points need to go, or at least give us an Annihilation alternative.:

Hey everyone,

Thanks for sharing all your feedback. We've been closely monitoring all of it, and understand that this is a big talking point. As we polish the game for the full release next week, we will continue to take your feedback into account when preparing future updates.

@jellyfoosh said in Capture Points need to go, or at least give us an Annihilation alternative.:

We will be releasing a community update later tomorrow (January 18) that addresses feedback we have received since the second Beta launched, and how we plan on responding. Please keep an eye out for that! 🙂

It's way too late for this. There's no way in hell you'll have the Core Gameplay of the campaign or the multiplayer, fixed by next week. This is something that should've been replaced MONTHS ago. Remember when you said you were holding on the release to make the game better? That's when you should've realized ''Hey... maybe making our whole game evolve around one game mode isn't the way to go and is retardedly lazy on our end.''

The only thing that could save you right now, is if you came up with something along the lines of ''Cap and hold was a placeholder for the Betas and won't be such a huge part of the game on release''.
Which is most likely not the case, because why on Earth would you do that in the first place.

You're already going in full damage control 1 week before the release, says alot about what this game is going to be and how Focus Home & Tindalos plan on handling the future of this game. You've lost a ton of pre-orders already and will keep on losing them. Good job.

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