Feedback from top rank Chinese player group

As a player group that played though BFGA1 and both beta of BFGA2, all of us have good and diffrent understand of the game. Here is some feedback that I summon in our group, hope developers can read though and fix them.

When you get into fleet building screen in multiplayer, game could be frozen and crash due to ships model loading for some computer.
Craftworld Eldars holo sheild have some code bug that make it much stronger than corsairs one, and make craftworld eldars crusier as hard to kill as BB for other faction.
Due to you returned the armor mechanism to BFGA1, something unthinkable happened: ram damage can be cancelled by armor, nova cannons have 25% chance that do nothing...

Due to bug that allow you bring fleets from 1st beta, situlation that using bug won't be listed here. Like 2x falling moon will be Tier S for 2v2, but won't be listed here. And list only include the most powerful build for this faction, like Tyranids carrier is the T1, meanwile other Tyranids build could be T2 or T3, only T1 build will be counted.

Tier S
Tyranid lvl 10/ Orks lvl 10
Tier 1
Craftworld/ Tyranid/ Tau protector lvl 10
Tier 2
Chaos/Dark eldar/Orks
Tier 3
Tau protector/IN/SM/Tau merchant lvl 10
Tier 4
Tau merchant/AM/Corsair
Tier 5

Tier 1
Craftworld/ Dark Eldar
Tier 2
Tier 3
All Imperial/ All Tau/Corsair
Tier 4

With holofield bug, Craftworld Eldar become the one of strongest faction. And due to design of faction, Tyranids will be ALWAYS two more tier stronger than SM, you cannot make SM playable without make Tyranids OP.
Boarding system need a huge rework to make this possible, here is some tips:

Harpoon swarm is made by meat and blood, they should be defenceless, make them lower HP and higher Attack, so they can still be good fighter to against another planes, but harder to get though AA and bite every turrets up.
Boarding should give a DOT of crew damage that can stack instead of do instant damage. Because boarding means dig a hole on the hull and get in to kill the crew. This need some time.
SM are Elite troops that killing people very fast, so they do boarding quickly, meanwhile Tyranids are more deadly, but they need time to eat crew alive, so they do crew damage much slower.
Another ships can send in troops to friendly ships to increase crew number and fight against boarding.
Boarding will also follow weapons poriolity, which you choosed on controll panel.

Here is some example: SM will do 12-18 crew damage and kill 1 crew member every second, so they done it in 12-18 sec.
Tyranids do 18 crew damage in 36 seconds.
this should be more fun and more balanced than currently boarding system, and make SM and Tyranids more diffrent.

+1 decent post on proposed boarding changes

I like this idea of different speeds on boarding damage. It makes sense lore-wise and can be fun to play with it.

I like this; no more instant hulks and boarding spam, while at the same time making Boarding a much more tactically rewarding tool.