Hello there BFG:A2 Team.

I have a very big problem, don't know if others have this as well.

When having a resolution ratio of 4:3, while chosing the fleet for instance, the left and right side of the screen are missing. This means, I can only see half the profile of the ships, also this means, I cannot even see and thus cannot choose the escort ships.

If I put the resolution on the highest one, with a 16:9 ratio it fits BUT than the whole image is squeezed.

Please check that! Not all people on earth have 16:9 wide screens, some of us still use the old, simple 4:3 ratio ones.

It would be a shame that I (and others) could not be able to play this game just because of such a stupid issue.
I already had the same problem with Fallout 4 and THIS was a very big disappointment for such a big and famous developer and game.