Item Pickup needs to be fixed

I can't express the frustration you'll go through when you try to pick up a grenade or molotov from the ground only to have your main weapon switched for whatever is lying around.. and of course you end up getting killed because you are now trying to get your own weapon back and not paying attention to your surroundings.
this needs to be fixed, it is almost impossible to grab a single item to use without messing up.

Hello @snakelegionnaire,

Thanks for pointing out this issue. I'll pass it on to the team!

Just to elaborate - the whole "F" function for interacting with weapons on the ground and doors needs work:

Some cases:

  • The in-game UI shows "Press F" to open the door, I press F but nothing happens.
  • There is a weapon close to the door (sometimes stuck shaking in the door frame), trying to open the door grabs the weapon, or trying to pick up the weapon whilst aiming at it (UI showing weapon name) opens the door
  • Unable to pickup grenades: I have not yet been able to return a grenade that has been thrown at me, despite multiple attempts
  • Range!!! OMG! The number of times I have to go prone to pickup a weapon or grenade is insane.

This issue is made worse by the fact that grenades etc often roll under terrain!

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