I have spent about 16 hours playing the last couple of days and I wanted to recap my experience and provide some feedback to the devs. Played mostly Imp Navy, but tried all factions except tau, chaos and corsairs so far. First off, I love the game. It's awesome. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Single player/Campaign

  • Please break the two initial missions of the tutorial in two parts, not being able to save any progress for the first ~20 min or more can generate issues. You also have to do it all over again in case something bugs out (happened at the start of the phalanx mission).
  • Make the tutorial skippable at release
  • The first few steps of the campaign tutorial could be improved, as of now they force you into suboptimal choices
  • The overall resource income in the IN first sector felt underwhelming. Not sure if this is to avoid income snowballing later on but it may be worth looking into. Same for the necrons.
  • We could use a sector mini map, perhaps to be put in the top left corner above the list of systems in said sector?
  • Inside sectors, the system list in the top left corner of the screen could be be improved. For example by highlighting right there the available system upgrades. Having to manually check each system for possible upgrades every turn gets tedious.
  • A confirmation prompt for zooming out from sector to galaxy map would be nice. Right now zooming out from the sector view into the galaxy view is too easy (and a bit annoying).
  • More mouse over tooltips and/or a help button that help reading the UI would be welcome.
  • Having defense platform spawn on cap points during the campaign is a debatable choice, I rather see them placed in neutral areas or made unable to cap. They would still be useful to deter 1 escort caps and help map control without being so decisive.
  • Necrons feel very underwhelming in their campaign. Since they also suck in pvp this seems to confirm beyond doubt that they need a serious buff across the board. Their weapons need to do more damage, their armor and regeneration both need buffing and they desperately need a better way to protect themselves and recover from critical hits. I would also improve the base movement and maneuverability even if this means nerfing a bit the inertialess drive and star pulse to compensate.


  • The online lobby looks pretty but needs improvement: right now it hardly feels like an online game lobby at all. You can only invite 1 player and there is no in game chat. This is a very nonfunctional design as there should be a chat and up to 4 players should be allowed in a "pre-battle room" since the game supports 2v2.
  • There is always a serious delay every time the game loads up the fleet roster. It should be optimized if possible.
  • Not sure why some of the skills and abilities are locked beyond lvl/xp. I don't mind but I was under the impression that every skill would be accessible from the start in pvp. Hope that is the case at release.
  • Overall ship costs need to be looked into, I think some ships are too good for what they cost, for others the opposite is true.
  • There seem to be still a few stability issues with the game, I was playing with a friend yesterday and if I was inviting him, he would crash out of the game after every match, whereas if he invited me I would stay in the game for about 30 sec after the match ended and THEN get kicked to the main menu. This would happen after every battle. I also had the game crash to the main menu once today (out of 10 or so games) after a ranked IN vs Tyr battle and was not awarded any credit for the battle. Not super bad but not good either.

Factions Balance and Impressions:
It is too soon to do an in depth review, so I am reserving to come back and discuss this topic more in detail. For now I will share some overall considerations.

I am pretty satisfied with the overall balance, considering the sheer amount of factions and ships in the game there was the chance for things to be completely broken but it is not the case. However, even at this early stages it is pretty apparent that:

  1. Necrons need buffing overall
  2. Space marines still feel too brittle, I would buff their ship hp and armor a bit as well as slight buff to their firepower. Alternatively I would give marines 4 assault actions instead of 3 like everyone else.
  3. Eldar fleets (NOT corsairs!!!) stacking dps buffs may need their damage reduced slightly, or a reduction in mobility/toughness (either or). Nothing drastic though.
  4. Nids mass ordnance builds may need to be toned down a bit. Esp after the nerf to bracing turrets.
  5. Admech could use a very slight buffing to their macro fire.
  6. Torpedos feel pretty weak (especially the melta type!) and are some of the hardest skill-shots to connect. I think they need to be buffed.

More feedback will be added in the next days. Cheers.

EDIT: just here to update my feedback regarding factions. Several other feedback posts have popped up around the forum so I am just striking out the bit out of my review that make no sense 🙂

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